4 Creative Thinking Techniques to Improve Your Copywriting

Creating content fit for Malaysian customers can be difficult.

Writing alone in a way that grips the reader can be a struggle.

content struggle

So what do you do when the words don’t flow and ideas are as distant as the moon?

Your content isn’t going to write itself, so you need to get creative with fabricating ideas.

Here are 4 creative thinking techniques used by copywriters everywhere to improve their written content:

Use Mind Maps

mind mapThis technique is considered a classic.

Mind maps are incredibly useful, because it mixes traditional brainstorming and outlining with visual diagrams.

You can draw a mind map or you can download a smartphone app to help you get your ideas on in the open.

The key, though, is to write down everything that comes to mind, even if you don’t think there is a connection to anything else.

Come up with as many ideas as possible then start finding those patterns to figure out the best theme or topic to write on.

Create a Checklist

There are 6 questions that you can be asking at any time.

Those questions can become the backbone of your content checklist.

As long as you have a theme, you can answer the following questions about it:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

The 5W1H scheme is going to help you define who you are writing for or about, what the topic at hand is, when certain events happened or when something is scheduled for, where the business is, and why you are talking about a specific product.

The how can be anything from how something unfolded to how you came about discovering something you want to tell the reader about.

This is all hypothetical, of course.

The questions you ask yourself will depend on what kind of article you are hoping to write!

Picture Association

Sometimes we get stuck thinking rational thoughts only.

Our views get condensed down to the words on a page.

When this happens, you are no longer thinking creatively…and your content is going to suffer for it.

This is when picture association comes in handy.

Here’s how to do it.

First do an image search for the topic you’ve been assigned or that you’ve chosen.

Chosen anything at all, even something completely random.

Once you made your choice, you look at the picture as a whole and then deconstruct it.

roseFor example, if you have a picture of a blossoming rose, you might ask yourself what kind of rose it is, where it is growing, why it is that color, and who planted it.

Develop a story around your answers.

This gets the creative juices flowing so you can begin to motivate yourself for the task at hand.

If you use stock photos, it could be a bit more difficult than something random.

But let’s say you are writing about business or human resources, use the picture as a prompt to help you figure out dialog between the characters revolving around your topic.

Get Away From Work

This can also be called “changing perspective”.

Stagnation often happens when you are stuck at the computer screen for too long.

relaxSo get up. Walk away from what you are doing and put yourself in another environment.

Let your thoughts wander.

Get fresh air.

Discuss something funny with coworkers.

Take a bathroom break.

Do 10 squats in the bathroom stall then take a shot of tea.

Simply getting invigorated is a wonderful way to improve your copywriting.

In Short…

There are 4 ways to improve your copywriting that are creative and fun.

Whenever you are running short of ideas but need to write as soon as possible, using these techniques will get your brain back in the game.

Give them a try today or get in touch with us so that we can do it for you!

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