4 Simple Content Writing Tips that Make Your Audience Take Action

content marketingOne of the most common content marketing problems among Malaysia and Singapore businesses is that after the content was posted, they hardly see any traffic and sales at all.

So why isn’t your content marketing strategy working?

Here’s some tips for any businesses to instantly make their content more engaging and more importantly, make the prospects take the desired action:

1. Ask A Simple Question

One of the easiest ways you can do to engage with your audience is a simple question and ask for answer.

content questionGive them the chance to have their own input.

You can either use this strategy at the beginning of your article or at the end.

In case you use it at the beginning, entice their curiosity to make sure they engage in your article.

If you use it at the end, you can, for example, ask a simple question (eg ask them to choose A or B) and invite them to leave a comment.

2. Add Humor

Humor can be a good component that can help you engage with your readers.

For example you can make a relevant and funny reference to a current event.

Just make sure that it sounds natural, just like if you were having a nice talk with your friends.

3. Add More Media

Admit it, people hardly read word-by-word online.

Nowadays the readers “scan” instead of “read”.

So make your content more “scannable” by adding other media exactly like this bullet points:

  • Graphics
  • Short video
  • Infographic
  • Polls
  • Quizz
  • Animations

4. Don’t Try To Sound Smart

act smartOne of the things that push people away immediately is when they notice that you’re trying to sound smart.

The truth is that you may be an expert in your area but using fancy words won’t take you anywhere.

Yes, you should do some research and support your content with facts if you think it’s necessary. However this doesn’t mean that you need to look superior.

Just make sure that the message is simple and clear.

In Short…

As soon as you start to create engaging content, you will then need to create powerful Call To Action.

call to actionMake your message clear so your visitor can easily take action.

For example using expressions like “Try Our Limited Time Free Trial” or “Call Us Now” tend to work a lot better than just “Submit”.

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