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The Art of Telling the Story of your Brand – TNT Friday

Humans have been telling stories for generations now. The culture of telling stories has become a major part of society not only in Malaysia and Singapore, but also the rest of the world. That’s why everyone loves hearing and sharing a good story. To keep it simple, storytelling helps to differentiate you and your company […]

4 Creative Thinking Techniques to Improve Your Copywriting

Creating content fit for Malaysian customers can be difficult. Writing alone in a way that grips the reader can be a struggle. So what do you do when the words don’t flow and ideas are as distant as the moon? Your content isn’t going to write itself, so you need to get creative with fabricating […]

4 Simple Content Writing Tips that Make Your Audience Take Action

One of the most common content marketing problems among Malaysia and Singapore businesses is that after the content was posted, they hardly see any traffic and sales at all. So why isn’t your content marketing strategy working? Here’s some tips for any businesses to instantly make their content more engaging and more importantly, make the […]