Conversion Rate Optimization – What is it?

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is the process of improving the interaction between your visitors and the website. Whether that be subscribing to your newsletter, browsing your products, or even just clicking on one of your blog posts.

In order to optimize your website’s conversion rate, you must first understand how visitors navigate their way throughout your site, what features they interact with, and what prevents them from fulfilling your desired action.


Successfully Optimizing Your Website

There are criteria that you need to fulfill when optimizing your website for conversion rates.

You must know:

  • What needs to be optimized
  • Your target audience

Doing research and getting this data is important because gut feeling may lead you to inaccurate results.


5 Ways that CRO Can Benefit an SEO Campaign

Even though there is no direct correlation between CRO and SEO, having a high conversion rate has shown to be beneficial to SEO campaigns and your business.

#1 – Improved User Experience

CRO makes it easy for you to determine which parts of your site are appealing to visitors and which aren’t. =

If your site is easy to navigate and you analyse the parts which don’t work, you can improve the user experience drastically.

#2 – Improved ROI

By taking the time to work on CRO you can make more sales (or more subscriptions) without having to put as much effort into your SEO.

#3 – Detailed Customer Insights

CRO provides you with a better understanding of your audience, what trigger their emotion and make them take action.

#4 – Improved Scalability

There’s no infinite pool of customers and the audience that you appeal to will always be limited in one way or another.

By increasing the percentage of visitors who turn into customers, you can grow your website without having to get more traffic.

#5 – Your Site Will be Trusted

Your site need to be trustworthy if you want your visitors to hand over details like their email or credit card information. CRO often improve your website credibility and it’s like having a convincing salesperson in your company.


Our CRO Process

Building a website a easy. The challenging part is making it profitable!

Everyone browse the internet differently so it’s important to take advantage of Conversion Rate Optimization to test what gives you the best results.

Here’s how we work on your CRO campaign:

Step #1 – Conversion Research

First, we have to find out who is your real target audience, what they think and what trigger them to take your desired actions.

Our experienced team will go through the journey that your website visitors take to discover these key pieces of information.

Step #2 – Brainstorming Session

We now need to make hypothesis from any sources we can get – our experiences, best practices, ideas from your team and basically any useful sources.

From there we will decide whether an A/B test (split test), Redirect test or multivariate test is appropriate.

Step #3 – Testing Phase

A test will be conducted on each of the ideas that we had written down.

We will only proceed with an idea if it reaches a high statistical significant.

It’s worth noting that while the testing phase is important, if we are certain that we can implement something onto your website that will improve the results, we’ll proceed without any testing (e.g. simple bug fixes or implementing a social media feature).

Step #4 – Full Speed Ahead!

Now that we know what works, it’s time to implement it and see it in action!


Our conversion rate optimization service will be available soon. Stay tuned!