SEO Case Study - SexyWawa


230% Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in SEO Traffic
Keywords With Total Search Volume of 50,000+ on Page #1
Increase of Click Through Rate

Overview: is an online sexy lingerie store established in year 2014. The store carries more than 2000 products from various brands. The store owner approached us for SEO service in the year 2015 not long after the website was built.


The owner and his staff spent a lot of time and effort creating thousands of product pages, only to find that the website hardly attract traffic and sales.

When we first analyzed the challenge, we discovered that perhaps due to business nature, the potential customers often search for category names instead of product and brand names before they make a purchase.

This led us to conduct keyword research for category names, for example, sexy lingeries, Malaysia sex toy, G string Malaysia. We found a number of categories with huge search volume and buying intention. This certainly worth our attention and effort into the next step, which is the essence of the work – content grouping.

Content grouping, in short is how you relate your website content. For example, under the parent category “Sexy Lingeries”, there are children categories like “Bikini” and “Long Dress”. A great content grouping allows us to optimize the landing page based on specific keywords.

We also keep in mind that content should be grouped in a way that not only make sense to search engines, but also to the searchers.


We started to see noticeable results 2 months after our SEO service. Even though not all the targeted landing pages were ranked on top listings overnight but the sales growth are good enough to allow the store owner sustain the business.

6 months later we achieved astonishing results with high search volume category keywords ranked on top of Google. SexyWawa is still with us as of today and organic traffic remains an important traffic source.

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