SEO Professionals Must Optimize Pages and Posts For More Than Just Google

When people think of search engine optimization (SEO), the word Google pops into mind.

It does make sense, but when you look at it from a content marketing point of view, you have to realize there are three key search engines you need to optimize for:

  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Remember, content comes in an array of types – written, video, image and audio.

Therefore, optimization needs to consider the various types of search engines.

Optimization Strategies With Google

Most people know how important of a role Google has on SEO and content marketing. Therefore, each website page or blog post needs to be fully optimized, enabling Google spiders to index and rank them. The easier it is for Google, the more traffic these pages may get.

There are multiple aspects to the search engine.

What kind of optimizing are you doing?
Is it being done for a Google Image search?

Anything you have on your website will be indexed by the search engine and returned in search results. Videos can also show up in these kinds of search results.

Pinterest and YouTube Are Not Just Social Channels

For too long, people associated both Pinterest and YouTube as being social media channels. However, they’re actually more suited for the title of search engines.


Why is that? It’s because they get a plethora of traffic that includes searches on them each day. Content can be found and consumed by the general audience.

When people come to these two sites, they are on the hunt for new things. They’re looking for recipes, how-to guides, videos, images, etc. These searches may never have been exposed to your brand, blog or website before.

However, if you optimize your content in a certain way for the channel, you can see an upswing in the traffic to your pages.

How To Use Pinterest and YouTube Successfully

Pinterest and YouTube offer search options that can assist content producers and marketers to understand what is their intended audience is looking for.

It’s a predictive search feature that can help you to optimize videos and images in such a way that the audience feels something from it.

For you, it means understanding what keywords your particular audience is using to find your material.


It’s not just the keywords and descriptions that are important; your images are just as important, especially for Pinterest.

In Pinterest, you could have vertical pictures that have copy overlay. Pins that have more than one or two pictures do really well too.

Make sure you uploaded colorful, eye-appealing images, as this will help capture your audience’s attention. Be sure to have a targeted description on every pin. And, consider using #hashtags to generate some Pinterest traffic.

Most importantly, include a link on the image that directs back to your blog post or webpage. This will help people find you faster.