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# Average 10%-20% increase in organic traffic
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What is snippet optimization?

Snippet optimization is basically about encouraging the users to interact more with search results hence increasing the number of clicks. This is achieved by making the search results contain enticing information. Running a snippet optimization will involve making changes to the page title and the Meta description in a way that they are unique and more captivating than other search results on the page.

Other enhancements can be the improvement of the snippet design, by including a well-organized structure for news, videos, apps, events, reviews, recipes and products. Good snippets have also been used to project newly released publications, books, academic papers, patents, local results etc.

Higher levels of interaction with the search results

A compelling search result will lead to an increase in the clicks even when the ranking doesn’t change. The consequence of this is an increased traffic.

Achieving more with smart options

Gone are the days when SEO services are made to seem like the search results on popular search engines can be altered. By working smarter, we improve the results of our clients’ so that it stands out from the rest this will attract the user to click on it.

Professional techniques

Executing a marketing campaign using the snippet optimization techniques can only be done by well-trained digital marketing experts. We employ only the best methods to ensure that our goals are achieved. This involves evaluating the reports of your click ratings from Google.

With this information, we can calculate the difference value between average and actual CTR performance to reveal certain information about the rating of your website.

We check for the following facts:

  • Over-performing snippets – What caused this trend and how can it be sustained?
  • Under-performing snippets – We will investigate why this happened and how it can be avoided in future.
  • Top optimization targets – choosing the most likable pages for optimization.