SEO is not like flipping a switch. You can’t go from zero to dominating your industry in an instant. It takes weeks and months technical details, painstaking research, and high-quality content.

#It takes PATIENCE #It takes DEDICATION #It takes KNOW HOW

It’s not only about how we built this business, it’s how we started it.

HELLO! We are Thomas Foo and Terence Lim. Back in 2011, we were sitting in a chit-chatting with a friend who had lost his corporate job. After losing his 9-5 job he started an online eyewear store but he hadn’t seen the success he needed. Like many other online stores, he wasn’t getting enough traffic and he wasn’t converting the traffic he did get into sales.

We knew we could help, so we started taking action right after the casual discussion. Thomas went to work on the technical details to get every edge possible. Terence went to work on a backlink campaign, generating outstanding content and reaching out to highly ranked sites to generate the backlinks that factor so heavily into the search engine’s algorithms.

In 4 months the business went from barely scraping by to generating five-figure net profits monthly. Our friend wanted to hire us to work the same magic on 3 more websites and just like that, our SEO business journey began.

We have the talent, expertise, and dedication to turn grow your business. It’s how we grew our friend’s business. It’s how we’ve grown our business, and it’s how we’ll grow yours.

# We’ve worked with local SMEs, Singapore startups, public-listed companies and businesses from different industries.

# We’ve worked with e-commerce enterprises with as few as 5 products and as many as 5000.

# We’re smart. We’re agile, and we can help you grow your business.

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Hi! I’m Terence Lim

After graduating from QUT in 2008, Terence Lim spent over 3 years in the skin care industry where he is responsible for the digital marketing operations. In 2010 Terence ventured into SEO where he made many SEO experiments and even sell products to USA with SEO as the main traffic source.

Terence is also a certified running coach and enjoy training in the morning.

His obsession is to keep himself updated with the latest update and trend in the SEO industry and achieve great ROI for TNTSEO’s clients.

Hi! I’m Thomas Foo

I graduated from University of Malaya with a Degree in Computer Science. Online Marketing is always “my thing” and i stumble upon SEO when i was trying to “Make Money Online” during my uni days. I’ve been learning SEO ever since.

When i’m not working on projects, i like to play basketball. You’re welcome to ball with me.

Drop me an email or say HI via our Facebook chat. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.