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Your website is NOT Ranking on Google?

You tried many things to improve your website Search Engine ranking but still not there?

Important SEO Fact

A shocking 46% of websites have critical SEO errors that hinder their search engine visibility

You posted lots of content, tried changing the url, putting in keywords and many other efforts. Still, your website is not where you think it should be?

No worries! Let us help you with our Malaysia SEO Audit! We’ll check your website from inside out. From technical SEO issues, content gap, backlinks profile to competition analysis, we let no stone unturn. Let’s find our the missed opportunities to rank your site. Interested?

What Is SEO Audit in Malaysia?

An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website’s health and performance, acting like a digital MRI for your online presence. A whopping 46% of websites have critical SEO errors hindering their visibility? [Source: Backlinko] An SEO audit helps uncover these issues and provides a roadmap for improvement.

Studies show websites with a strong SEO foundation can experience a traffic increase of up to 50% within 6 months of implementing recommended improvements [Source: Search Engine Journal].

An SEO audit in Malaysia typically covers a range of critical areas, including on-page optimization (title tags, meta descriptions, keyword usage), technical SEO (site speed, mobile-friendliness, code structure), backlink profile analysis (quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website), and competitor analysis. By examining these key elements, the audit provides a clear picture of your website’s strengths and weaknesses, forming a solid foundation for crafting a successful SEO strategy that outranks your competition.

Benefits Of SEO Audit

An SEO audit acts like a check-up for your website, identifying areas for improvement and providing a roadmap to boost your search engine ranking and attract more visitors.

Uncover Technical SEO Issues

Uncover technical SEO issues hindering search engine crawling and indexing. This could include slow loading speeds, broken links, or mobile-unfriendly design. These issues prevent search engines from fully understanding your website and can significantly impact your ranking potential.

Identify Missed Keyword Opportunities

Our SEO audit analyzes search trends and user behavior to discover valuable keywords your target audience is actively using. This allows you to optimize your content and attract more qualified traffic.

Discover Content Gaps

The audit analyzes your existing content and identifies areas where it might be lacking. This could be missing information, outdated content, or a lack of engaging visuals. By addressing these gaps, you create a more user-friendly experience that keeps visitors coming back for more.

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Our SEO Audit Malaysia Style

On-page Optimization Analysis: We analyze title tags, meta descriptions, and keyword usage to ensure your website content is optimized for search engines and users.
Technical SEO Evaluation: We evaluate technical aspects like site speed, mobile-friendliness, and code structure to guarantee smooth search engine crawling and indexing.
Backlink Profile Assessment: We assess the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website, a crucial factor in determining your website’s authority.
Competitive Analysis: We identify your competitor’s SEO strategies to develop a winning plan that outranks them in search results.
Content Audit and Keyword Research: We conduct a content audit and keyword research to uncover content gaps and opportunities to attract more relevant traffic
Actionable Recommendations for Improvement: Based on our findings, we provide clear and actionable recommendations for improvement across all SEO aspects.
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