Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content, also sometimes called pillar content, is a fundamental part of an SEO strategy. It consists of in-depth, high-quality content that serves as a central hub for a specific topic on your website. Here’s a breakdown of what cornerstone content is and why it’s important for SEO:

What is Cornerstone Content?

  • Comprehensive and Authoritative: Cornerstone content aims to be the ultimate resource on a particular topic. It should be lengthy and informative, covering everything a user would want to know about the subject. Think of it as a detailed guide or an “everything you need to know about” piece.
  • Focuses on Key Topics: You’ll typically create cornerstone content for your most important topics, the ones you really want to rank high for in search results.
  • Central Hub: Cornerstone content acts as a central hub for related content on your website. It links out to other, more specific pieces that delve deeper into subtopics related to the main theme.

Why is Cornerstone Content Important for SEO?

  • Establishes Expertise: By creating in-depth, informative cornerstone content, you demonstrate your knowledge and authority on a topic to search engines. This can help you rank higher in search results for that topic and related keywords.
  • Improved User Experience: Cornerstone content provides a valuable resource for users, keeping them engaged on your website for longer.
  • Boosts Ranking of Related Content: The internal linking structure used with cornerstone content helps search engines understand the hierarchy of your website’s content and how it all relates to the central theme. This can improve the ranking of your other, more specific content that links back to the cornerstone piece.

Overall, cornerstone content is a strategic way to improve your website’s SEO by establishing authority, enhancing user experience, and boosting the ranking of your other content.

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