Anchor Text

Anchor text, also known as link text or link label, is the clickable text you see in a hyperlink. It’s essentially the label for a link that tells users what to expect if they click on it.

Here’s a breakdown of anchor text:

  • Visibility: Anchor text is usually displayed in a different color (often blue) and sometimes underlined compared to surrounding text, indicating it’s a link.
  • Functionality: When you click on anchor text, you’re directed to the linked webpage or document.
  • Importance: Anchor text plays a dual role:
    • For Users: It provides context and description about the linked content, helping users decide if it’s relevant to their interests.
    • For Search Engines: Anchor text can be used by search engines to understand the topic of the linked page and the relationship between the pages. This can influence search ranking.

Here are some examples of anchor text:

  • In this sentence, “SEO Agency Selangor” is the anchor text linking to a page about SEO service in Selangor.
  • You might use “download the brochure here” as anchor text for a link to a downloadable PDF brochure.

Overall, well-crafted anchor text is essential for a good user experience and can also contribute to better SEO for your website.

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