Broken Link

A broken link, also known as a dead link, is a hyperlink on a webpage that doesn’t lead to a functional or relevant destination. When you click on a broken link, you typically encounter an error message from the browser indicating the page cannot be found.

Here’s a breakdown of broken links:

  • Causes: Broken links can occur for various reasons:
    • Deleted or moved content: The linked webpage might have been permanently deleted or moved to a different location without a proper redirect being set up.
    • Incorrect URLs: The hyperlink might contain typos or errors in the web address, leading to a non-existent page.
    • Website changes: If a website undergoes significant restructuring, internal links referencing old URLs might break.
    • External website issues: Links to external websites can become broken if the target website is unavailable or has moved.
  • Impact: Broken links can have negative consequences for both users and SEO:
    • User experience: Encountering broken links can be frustrating for users, interrupting their browsing flow and hindering their ability to find the information they seek.
    • SEO: Search engines might penalize websites with excessive broken links, as it indicates a lack of maintenance and can negatively impact user experience.
  • Identifying and fixing broken links: There are various tools and methods to identify and fix broken links on your website, including:
    • Web crawlers: SEO tools and website crawlers can scan your website for broken links and generate reports.
    • Manual checking: Regularly review your website’s internal and external links to identify any broken ones.
    • Redirect creation: If a linked page has moved, set up a proper 301 redirect to the new location. This ensures users and search engines land on the correct page.
    • Removing broken links: If the linked content is no longer relevant, simply remove the link from your webpage.

By regularly checking and fixing broken links, you can ensure a smooth user experience and maintain a healthy SEO profile for your website.

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