Government SEO

Social media and the Internet have become the primary platform for many government agencies that wish to provide transparencies to supporters and constituents. The Internet is a trustworthy resource for information of an official nature.

At TNTSEO we have tailored SEO solutions that will ensure traffic is directed to the most official and current resource. We ensure that your agency has a high ranking in the Google search results so that government sites can be reached by people that are looking for results.

The TNTSEO team understands how individuals use the major search engines. One in five searches that use Google will put a location specific keyword in their searches. Those that do a search will more than likely put in the name of their city council when they perform a search. We can optimize your pages in a top search result so that people looking for information about their council are up-to-date.

We are a proven and trusted company providing SEO services for our customers. We have years of experience and have provided services to hundreds of companies such as NPOs among many others. We don’t just cater to big businesses we can drive credibility, visibility, and awareness to many government agencies of various sizes. We have campaigns which are comprehensive and customizable and are tailored to suit the goals of that company.