SEO Malaysia Definite Guide (2018 Updated)

SEO Malaysia Definite Guide
Today you’re going to learn about Search Engine Optimization in Malaysia Context i.e SEO Malaysia. Before we go into details, there are some numbers that you must know.
  • 97.11% of Malaysians uses Google as their search engine.
  • 5 Billion searches are performed everyday. Worldwide.
  • 79% of the search engine users click on organic search result.
  • Leads from Google organic result has a 14.6% closing rate.
  • Those are huge numbers if your’re looking from the perspective of “SEO Malaysia”! In short, SEO is a freaking awesome marketing channel and sales funnel if you do it correctly. So what is the actual definition of SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your web properties in order to achieve higher search engine ranking. In layman terms.

    “SEO = Improve your website to rank on Google Page #1”

    Table Of Content SEO vs PPC: Can You Differentiate? The History Of Search Engine (Infographic Inside) How Does Search Engine Works (2018 Updated) Google’s Top 3 Search Ranking Factor SEO Fundamental: On Page SEO SEO Fundamental: Off Page SEO White Hat vs Black Hat: Choose Your Side Carefully! The Singing Competition (SEO Malaysia’s Version) Why Is Search Results Important To Your Business What’s Next? Actionable SEO

    SEO VS PPC: Can You Differentiate?

    It is important to know that Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising is 2 different digital marketing method. PPC always comes with an “Ad” icon. Below is a screenshot of SEO vs PPC SEO vs PPC

    SEO Explained

    Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website to achieve higher ranking on search result which we normally refer as Google. During the process, a seo consultant or seo agency malaysia (someone like us) would carry out keyword research, technical SEO, onpage optimization and offpage optimization as part of the SEO campaign. SEO is a long term marketing campaign which need time to bear fruits.

    Pay Per Click Advertising Explained

    According to wikipedia, Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked. One of the biggest pay per click network is Google Adwords. During the implementation of PPC campaign, a PPC Consultant would optimize the ads so that advertiser would get the highest number of clicks and CTR with the lowest budget.
    Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Need time to rank on Google Page #1
  • 79% of searchers prefer organic result
  • No testing of keywords
  • No fee on click
  • Pay to SEO consultant / SEO Agency
  • Normally cheaper in long run
  • Able to see immediately ads once approve
  • 30% of searcher will click on ads
  • Able to test multiple keywords in short period
  • Pay per click
  • Pay to advertising network ex Google Adwords and PPC Consultant
  • Usually higher budget than SEO
  • Above are a quick comparison of SEO and PPC. To have a better overview of both search marketing method, read our in depth post on SEO vs PPC – Which is better for your business.

    The History Of Search Engine

    Though we live in the era of Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, do you know (still remember) that Google is not the first search engine? Remember these guys? Infoseek, AskJeeve, Yahoo, Alta Vista Infoseek, AskJeeve, Yahoo, Alta Vista Winston Churchill once said
    Winston Churchill
    “Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft.”
    Winston Churchill
    By understanding the history and evolution of search engine, you will have better chance to succeed in SEO. The History Of Search Engines

    Prehistoric Search Engine

    As you can see in the infographic, Search Engine started out as something similar to a directory. Just like what we normally see in Shopping Malls.

    Humanization Of Search Engine

    As technology advance, it started to cater for Natural Language Search (A search perform in regular spoken language such as English).

    Search Engine Algorithm Updates

    As the influence of search engine grew, the search engine provider starts to enhance and improvise on search engine algorithm in order to provide searchers the most relevant and accurate search result.

    Search Engine In Year 2018 And Beyond

    The evolution of search engine algorithm is still ongoing. As a matter of fact, Google Announced RankBrain in 2015. An AI Machine that will help shape Google search ranking factor.

    How Does Search Engine Works (2018 Updated)


    Step 1: Crawling

    It all starts with a spider. Yes a spider! Well, it’s not a Spiderman kind of spider but an automated bot that crawls the world wide web to get all the information it can consume on every single webpage.

    SEO Malaysia: The LRT Metaphor

    Just imagine the World Wide Web like Malaysia’s network of LRT and MRT. So each webpage would be a station. The spider (web crawler) will move from one station to another (one web page to another) via the the station line (web link just like this). Malaysia LRT Network Once the spider (web crawler) reach a station (webpage), it would gather information such as the station name, station manager name and etc (webpage’s title, meta info, keywords etc). All the data collected will be pass to the search engine database. How would a Google Spider looks in real life? Google Spider

    Step 2: Indexing

    Indexing is a process whereby search engine store the data collected to a humongous database. Imagine search engine such as Google and Bing as a huge library. A website is equivalent to a book and webpages are just like the pages inside a book. When a Google spider crawl a new website it will store the website’s details to Google Server. From time to time, Google Spider will revisit the website and check if there’s any updates or new pages added. It will then index these information. Google Server Farm # Image Of Google Server

    Step 3: Return Search Result

    A library is most useful when we are able to look for the book/s we want. Same holds true for search engines. The core value of a search engine is to return the most relevant search result based on the search query. This is where Google or Bing or Baidu go through their petabytes of data to find the most suitable website and return it as a search result to us. The Multi Million Dollar Question!

    How Does Search Engine Determine Which Website To Show?

    The Wild Wild West!

    Remember the 90’s and early 2000? This is the Wild Wild West of search engines! Back then, it is easy to game Google and the rest. The name of dark art is called “Keyword Stuffing”. A webmaster would only need to fill the webpage with keyword heavy nonsense and viola! The website will pop up on page 1 of search result. keyword stuffing # Example Of Keyword Stuffing Then Google and cos starts to retaliate. Search engine providers introduce search algorithm update to combat the dark art. That’s when concept like “keyword density” and “human readability” are introduced. With the implementation of new algorithm, many of the spammy sites were gone. Later, search engine providers decide that it is important to have backlinks and use it as a signal to determine ranking. So webmaster start to accumulate mountains of backlinks to their website. Which lead to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft collective effort to fight link spam.

    Truth: Search Engine Providers are constantly experimenting and introducing new ranking factors in order to provide the best search result.

    So What Are The Major Search Engine Ranking Factors In 2018?

    Google’s Top 3 Search Ranking Factor

    #1 Content #2 Links #3 RankBrain
    Google Top 3 Ranking Factors # Google’s Top 3 Ranking Factors reported by Search Engine Land Does it means if you have great content, couple of backlinks and follow RankBrain guideline then your website will be on top of the search result? Hold your horse! Jim Rohn once said
    Jim Rohn
    “Success is neither magical or mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamental.”
    Jim Rohn
    In order to stand out among your competitors, you should start by applying SEO fundamentals.

    SEO Fundamentals #1: On Page SEO

    Onpage SEO is the practice of optimizing your website both in terms of coding structure and user friendliness so that you are able to rank higher on search result. In short OnPage SEO means fix the sxxt out of your website for SEO. However, there are thousands of factors that will affect your ranking. So which are the important ranking factors?

    Onpage SEO Ranking Factors

  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Keywords in Title
  • Wrap title with “h1” tag
  • Wrap subtitle with “h2” tag
  • Add image with alt tag
  • Fast site speed
  • Mobile friendly
  • Add meta title and description
  • Quality Content
  • Use LSI Keywords
  • Add share buttons
  • Use inbound links
  • Use outbound links
  • These are some of the important onpage seo ranking factors which seo specialist malaysia would apply. Which means if you are able to apply above fixes to your site, you are already better than 80% of your competitors. A bit too much to swallow? Follow our Onpage SEO for WordPress – Complete Guide Still don’t understand? Click here to have a better idea.

    SEO Fundamentals #2: Off Page SEO

    Off page seo or off site seo are the activities taken outside of your own website in order to rank higher in SERPs. Optimizing for off page seo factors is the process of improving search engine (Google) and users (Human) perceptions of your website’s
    Popularity Trustworthiness Relevancy Authority
    In short, the more popular, trustable, relevant and authoritative others think your website is, the higher you’ll rank. The most important subject in off page SEO is non other than link building. Link building is a process of acquiring links to your website. As you get more links, Google will take is as a signal that other websites is “vouching” for your website. Which translate to popularity, trust, relevancy and authority. Offpage SEO Malaysia According to SEO Moz, there are 3 types of backlinks.
    • Natural Links
    • Manual built links
    • Self created links
    Backlinks Type - SEO Malaysia The general rule is to get as many backlinks as possible, but you should also note that the values of backlinks differ. Some of the factors that affect the quality of your backlinks are
  • Authority or domain rating of the linking website/page
  • Do follow / no follow link
  • Anchor text in link
  • Relevancy of the linking site to your website’s topic
  • Trustworthiness and popularity of the linking site
  • To explain in Malaysia SEO context, a link from The Star Online brings more weight compared to some .blogspot site.

    White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO: Choose Your Side Carefully!

    Before you kick start your search engine optimization (SEO) malaysia campaign… READ THIS FIRST! If you intentionally or accidentally applied Black Hat SEO to your website in order to game the search engines, you might be penalized! The penalty of Black Hat SEO?

    Temporary Rank Change

    Google has an audit team to check and manually de-rank websites which they think is cheating

    Rank Demotion

    This is the most common Google penalty where Google bots detect and decide to de-rank your website based on their search engine algorithm.


    This is the “death sentence” of search engine optimization. Once your website is ban, you will never see the daylight of Google.

    Google Penalty In Action: The 3 Unfortunate One

    JC Penny

    JC Penny

    In 2011, JC Penny tried black hat seo in an attempt to increase year end sales. The SEO agency they are working with bought lots of copious paid links. The Penalty: Huge ranking drop which lasted for 2 months and estimated 12.33 millions loss in traffic.


    In 2006, BMW use a classic black hat seo trick to drive traffic. They created a doorway page and cloak the url to redirect it to their main site. The Penalty: Google gave them a “death sentence” which lasted for 3 days since BMW taken the site down completely.
    Google Chrome

    Google Chrome

    Yes, the search engine giant is so fair that they penalize their own product. Google chrome was found guilty for buying backlinks. The Penalty: A 2 months rank demotion for their very own web browser.
    Here’s the list of seo activities that will be considered as Black Hat SEO:

    Software generated content

    Do not use software to generate content for your website as it’s most likely not readable.

    Keyword stuffing

    Do not stuff keywords to your content for the sake of SEO.

    Doorway page

    Do not create landing page to game search engine and redirect to your sales page.

    Hidden text and link

    Make sure what’s on your website is what you want your users to see.


    Copy content from others will put your website under duplicated content saga. Make sure you pass copyscape test.

    Link scheme

    Beware of link building techniques via automated software.

    Unnatural link promotion

    Stay away from link farming and link trading especially if the link is not relevant to your content.

    The Singing Competition (SEO Malaysia’s Version)

    Ever watch singing competition on TV? The Voice, Malaysia Got Talent? Malaysian Idol? Anyone?! All those singers are aiming for the ultimate prize – The Champion. In their quest, there are 2 very important things they have to do. Singing Competition

    Task 1: Train to be a better singer Task 2: Put up a show to get the most votes

    If they did both with flying colors, they’ll be the winner. It’s that simple! SEO is very similar to a singing competition. As a website owner, you want to optimize your on page SEO (train to be a better singer). And once you did that, you work on your off page (get votes). Once both are in place, you’ll rank on Google First Page. Here’s a simple comparison
    On Page SEO Singer’s Quality
    Title with keywords H1 and h2 tag Image alt tag Site speed LSI Keywords Quality Content Mobile Friendly Nice Vocal Excellent Voice Good singing technique Dance Skill Appearance
    Off Page SEO Singer’s Outreach
    Link Building Social Signal Influencer Outreach SMS votes Audience Votes Judge Votes Popularity
    See the resemblance? I hope this metaphor give your better picture of search engine optimization.

    Why Is Search Results Important To Your Business

    Did you notice that most people google for answer? Be it food, services, products, location… we ask Google anything when we’re in doubt. We’re looking for answer, recommendation, reviews, how to guide, solutions… The best part? Google always has the answer. And it keeps us coming back.

    Important Stats

  • 21.93 millions internet user in malaysia.
  • 97.11% of malaysians uses Google as their search engine.
  • 5 Billion searches are performed everyday. Worldwide.
  • 79% of the search engine users click on organic search result.
  • Leads from Google organic result has a 14.6% closing rate.
  • Let’s start with the muslimah market. Notice that there are 12,100 searches per month for the keyword “tudung”? SEO Malaysia - Muslimah Keywords What about “food delivery” frenzy? Are you missing out on the opportunity? SEO Malaysia - Food Delivery Keywords Even for service based business, notice that there’re 390 targeted location search for “pest control kl”? SEO Malaysia - Pest Control Keywords Yes, we Malaysians are kepo. (In a way it shows we care about our country) Jho Low #DISCLAIMER – All Search Volume is based on Malaysia as target country. We won’t say SEO is suitable for every business. But if you see your competitors on Google or Google Ads, It’s safe to say you’re lagging behind.

    What’s Next? Actionable SEO Plan!

      Now that you have a better understanding of SEO we suggest you do the following.

    Your’re new to SEO

    Start of with
    • keyword research
    • competition analysis
    to see what are the keywords you should rank for to give your business a boost. Then work on your website to fix the onpage seo issues. Finally, work on your offpage SEO. Check out our 8 Step Action Plan and use it as a blueprint.

    You’re doing SEO but not seeing any results

    SEO needs time, so evaluate your progress before you jump to any conclusion. Check back what’s you’ve learn and compare to your current SEO work. See if there’s anything extra which can be done. Make sure you’re not doing any Blackhat SEO Let us know if you need help.

    You’re ranking well

    Congratulation! We’re happy that you’ve put in the hard work and is reaping the rewards. Please audit your website and fix whatever possible. It might give you some extra ranking bump. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, put in some effort to you Google Plus (Local SEO Malaysia). You might just show up on Google Map recommendation. And remember SEO is an ongoing marketing campaign, so keep up the good work!

    Now It’s Your Turn

    Phew! That’s quite some work we put into this guide and we hope you enjoyed it. Now we would like to know what you have in mind. What’s the #1 SEO Tips you will implement? Did we help you to understand SEO better? If you think this guide is helpful, go ahead and share it. If you have anything to share or questions, leave a comment below right now.
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