What you’ll get from RM300!

# Find out your website ranking
# Explore ranking opportunity
# Know your competitors
# Up to 100 keywords

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Wondering how your existing SEO campaign performs and your business visibility in search presence? We can help you! Whether you are running an e-commerce business, corporate websites, you’ll need to know the overall ranking positions of your targeted keywords in major search engines (especially Google!) in order to understand your ROI and make better business decision.

Manual checking is time-consuming and the results are inaccurate! We make this scheduled services simple and affordable so that you can sit back and focus on more important task.

The report will help you to understand which keywords you should pay more attention to maximize the potential organic traffic. For example, keywords that ranked in position #4-10 could be pushed to top 3 position with some effort on onsite optimization.

You can even spy your competitors’ ranking performance so you’ll know exactly which keywords bring them the most organic traffic! Here’s how it works:

  • Provide us a list of keywords or we do a keyword research based on your needs.
  • With our premium software we’ll perform ranking position check for each keywords for any major search engines and locations you need.
  • We’ll send you a comprehensive PDF report that shows you the ranking position for each keywords.
  • You can schedule the ranking report and we’ll automatically send you the report in a bi-weekly or monthly basis.