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WYK (黃賢記) is a catering company that offers Asian style cuisine with canopy rental services.. They are also the original creator of crystal canopies in the region.

They put a lot of effort into developing their brand, but they needed help increasing targeted traffic to their website. In 2016, they brought TNTSEO on board to help improve their SEO.


The catering industry is highly competitive, especially in the Klang Valley. This was more obvious when WYK’s competitors became very aggressive, dominating searches for catering services.

Another challenge the company faced is lack of content opportunity. Aside from catering keywords, the company did not have other keyword groups to attract target audience.

It is risky for any business to rely traffic on single keyword group.


After a detailed keyword research, we identified 2 more keyword opportunities:

The first type is location based combined catering keywords. We also found Chinese keywords to attract Chinese speaking audience.

The second type is event venue keywords. For example Glasshouse Seputeh, GLAMZ at Genting, IDCC Shah Alam. This type of keywords attract even more specific target audience when combined with wedding keywords.

We not only want to rank the new keywords, but also encourage visitors to submit enquiries. We achieved this with highly engaging content. The event venue landing pages for example, Glasshouse Seputeh provides valuable and comprehensive content.

From rental rate, menu, gallery, location, capacity, environment to suggestions, we make sure the content covers everything a searcher needs to know when they search for relevant keywords. We believe this strategy would attract visitors who are searching for a wedding venue.

After months of hard work, the website is ranked on top of Google for catering services keywords and many venue rental keywords.

The Result? The organic traffic increased 251% while total impressions significantly increased 716%.

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