SEO Case Study - Xammax


Multiple Buyers Keywords on Google First Page.

Increase in Total Impressions
Brand Keywords in Top 10 Search Result
Reduce on Bounce Rate


XAMMAX Enterprise is a home appliances company with brick and mortar store at Damansara Utama. As a traditional business, they were a regular participants in home and living exhibitions & road shows.

Sales from the physical store and exhibitions was great but there was a trend of slide. The company took a huge concern of this signal and met with TNTSEO back in year 2009.


The competition in appliances industry became intense when there were more exhibitions happened in town. The profit margin also dropped as a result of price war.

Xammax figured they couldn’t control the competition but they could expand the sales channel. Hence, the built a Magento Online Store. Building an online store wouldn’t attract traffic by itself but it was the first step.

The next step was acquiring quality traffic to the website via SEO. However search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t one size fits all.

We wanted to leverage the advantages of nature of business as a retailer- having a variety of product categories, product pages, and brands. We completed keyword research and our expectation was true – there were indeed many different keywords based on categories, product models and brand names.

TNT SEO had a detailed dicussion with Xammax and proceeded with content grouping based on searchers’ intention and search volume before optimizing each landing pages.


With Google as the main source of traffic, the online store slowly became an important sales channel of the business. The online store and traffic acquisition via SEO also improves the business profit margin by reducing the business marketing cost.

Xammax is still engaging us for SEO and this would mark our 10th Years. We continue to look for new keyword opportunities to attract quality traffic.

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