The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing – TNT Friday

Everyone who has tried digital marketing knows that it can be tough to navigate.

However, if you want to start showcasing your business keep reading for the dos and don’ts of digital marketing.

They’ll go a long way in helping you achieve your marketing goals.

Don’t Assume a Product Will Sell Itself

We’re starting out with a major one.

Having the greatest product in the world doesn’t mean consumers will just come running to get it for themselves.

If you’re running a business, then you have to show the public that you – and your products – are worth their attention.

Customers are looking for anything to make their lives easier or better.

Showcase how your products are able to do this.

Do Have a Deep Understanding of Customers

If you want to showcase that you can improve the lives of customers, then you need to first develop a level of understanding of the customers.

You have to understand who your customers are, the demographics they fall into, what their likes and dislikes are, and just what it is they want.

Then you can provide it to them.

Don’t Use Just Any Old Content Management System (CMS) For Your Website

The content management system you use can be the reason your digital marketing efforts succeed or fail.

Make sure you do research and find which platform would be best for you in the short-and-long-term.

Do Invest In a CMS to Grow Your Business

You need to have a platform with everything needed to build your business.

That includes being able to add new pages to the website and making it easier for search engine bots to find and rank your website.

We suggest WordPress and Magento for advanced eCommerce website.

Don’t Cater to Just the Desktop Audience

Yahoo recently released their Know your Data report which showed that more people are entering the digital world, and there has been a sharp increase in mobile browsing.

Do Make Everything “Mobile-Friendly”

If your website isn’t mobile friendly to display properly on smartphones and tablets, then you’re doing your business a huge disservice.

Consider the fact that smartphones are being used 56% more for online shopping alone.